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Award Winning, Small batch and handcrafted Danish Gin and other spirits. Brewed with malted barley from Gyrup Gård. Crafted and distilled in Copenhagen, Bottled and labeled all by hand.

A Danish craft distillery established in Copenhagen, 2018, by two former Michelin-chefs with a past at Søllerød Kro and Kiin Kiin. The founders and owners are Nicolai Sivgaard and Jonas Wulff, hence
the name SiWu.


From our background in the Michelin kitchen we have combined all our experience and passion which makes us incredibly committed to create the best products possible. We focus greatly on craftmanship, quality and purity and take much pride in creating products with traceability as well as balanced and long-lasting flavours.


What makes our products and approach unique is the fact that we make everything from scratch and by hand. From rolling of malt, mashing, fermenting, distilling, bottle filling and finally labelling. We process and supervise all these stages our self to make sure that everything about the product is always like we want it to be. We believe that handcrafting and keeping track on every single process from grain to glass gives our spirits an authentic and unique expression.

We craft pure alcohol from scratch for all our products. The alcohol used in our gins is based on Danish organic barley malt which is a bit out of the ordinary but gives a deep, unique and smooth flavour.


Our gin is distilled as a London Dry Gin in copper pot still. At the moment we have two gins in our permanent selection. Our first gin is a dry gin which only contains six botanicals. SiWu Dry Gin is distilled with juniper, coriander seeds, rosemary, orange peel, lemon peel and galangal root. A clean, juniper forward and aromatic gin with an herbal twist from the galangal root which really stands out in this gin.

Our second gin is the SiWu Rosehip Gin, a dry gin also containing only six botanicals: Juniper, coriander seed, rosehip, rose petals, lemon peel, orange peel. This gin concentrates on the mild, floral and fresh flavours of the Danish summer and shores. The rosehip grows wild all over Denmark near the coastline, and we wanted to capture this unique and seasonal smell of Danish summer and beach trips.

We recommend drinking our gins neat or on the rocks due to the hard work we put in to make a smooth spirit with a nice palate, but the gins are also highly recommended to enjoy in a G&T. The pure and deep flavour of the gins also makes them a great choice for cocktails. All in all, very versatile gins.

SiWu gin is produced in ultra-small batch, approximately 100-200 bottles each batch and we are numbering every single bottle by hand.


Master Distiller

Nicolai Sivgaard & Jonas Wulff



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Nicolai Sivgaard

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Jonas Wulff

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© 2020 SiWu Distillery

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